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Eqras | Standarts | ISO/IEC 17065 Certification Bodies for Products, Processes and Services

The certification of products, processes or services can only take place within the framework of a certification scheme, which determines the products, processes or services to be certified and the requirements they must fulfil. The certification scheme also specifies the types and combinations of conformity assessment techniques used to assess the product, process or service. The relevant international standard for product, process or service certification bodies is EN ISO/IEC 17065.

Accreditation in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17065

EN ISO/IEC 17065 contains principles for the certification of products, processes and services. It defines requirements for the competence and impartiality of certification bodies offering their services in this area. The goal of application of the standard is to establish confidence and trust in the work of accredited bodies and in the certification of products, processes or services.

Certification schemes for products, processes and services may have differences that need to be considered: some certification schemes for products, processes or services include the initial review and assessment of the quality management systems of their suppliers, followed by surveillance that takes into account the quality management system of the production facility and testing of samples of production and the free market. Other schemes rely on initial testing and repeat testing, while still others include only type testing.

If a product or service meets certain requirements, the “manufacturer” often indicates this through the use of a quality mark, also referred to as a quality seal. These quality seals are used to signify for example tested quality, fair trade, sustainable production or freedom from harmful substances, and to send a message to the consumer:
“You can trust this product.” The conformity assessment scheme underlying the seal of quality sets out, among other things, what has been tested, how often it was tested, and by whom it was tested. The scheme essentially contains the requirements for the “product”. It also defines how conformity is be determined, for example by testing, inspection or certification. And it stipulates the requirements to be met by the CAB carrying out the assessment.

Sectors in which EQRAS provides accreditation, including in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17065:

  • Construction industry, product and installation safety, materials technology and material testing,